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billysacramento-ebook-def-1Billy Sacramento embodies the ‘shipwreck of society’

Over the years, due to failed love interests, career setbacks and family pressures, Billy has developed a unique survival system; he allows himself to be flooded by the ills of contemporary society, lets them wash over him and survives untouched.

Destiny however, lurks around the corner. Sacramento is about to become famous, threatening to destroy the delicate balance of his survival mechanisms.

He cannot allow this to happen. It would ruin him, in a world where paradoxically, many others would do anything for 15 minutes of fame!

Sacramento is an anti-conformist who has made the conscious decision to live in the shadows and to take pleasure in the smallest things in life, rather than to be caught in the limelight that ultimately obscures anything of real value. He makes “an attempt at living”.

But destiny has him firmly in it’s sights. He has been chosen, hunted and condemned.

There may be one way of escaping this destruction. It’s an extreme ploy:

To feign his own death.


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